Screen sizes redux – beyond 4 inch screens

Last year in February I wrote a post titled Why a 4 inch screen is enough (for me) feel free to jump to it and have a read. Since then almost a year has passed CES 2013 starts tomorrow the rumor mill is spinning, I got a new phone a HTC One S, Google released the Nexus 4. Sony is going to announce the Xperia Z and LG the G2 and much more. We will for sure see some very interesting phones in 2013. Today I want to revisit my post from last year and change my opinion slightly. I originally said 4 Inches are enough and I don’t need a larger screen. And I think I still don’t NEED a larger screen but I have been happy with the 4.3 inches on the HTC One S. In the image at the top of the post I am again comparing a few phones. One thing that I find very interesting is how the Xperia T stacks up next to the One S. Even thought it has a larger screen than the One S it is almost the same height as the One S. Unfortunately that\s not something that can be said about the Nexus 4, it continues down the same path that the Galaxy Nexus started, it is simply a phone that is too big for me, it is uncomfortable to hold. But where does this leave us with regards to phone sizes in 2013. Well I really hope that manufacturers try to reduce bezels and squeeze bigger screens into smaller phones. For fun I did a little experiment and put some larger screens on the Nexus One and the One S. To my surprise it looks like the Nexus One size could easily fit a 4.3 inch screen. The One S could fit the 4.55 inch screen from the Xperia T with reduced bezels and it could actually be made even more compact reducing the height of the phone to almost Nexus One dimensions.

I believe there is a market for phones like the Galaxy S 3 the HTC One X and the Nexus 4 but my wish for 2013 is that manufacturers start to realize that it makes sense to offer the same power in different screen sizes. There is no reason why a smaller phone needs to be slower.

If I could build my dream phone in 2013 I would take the solid construction of Sony’s Xperia T combine it with full 2 day battery life, a metal body with NFC and a 4.3 inch screen in a phone the size of a Nexus One of course with pure Android. Call it the Nexus T and I will be very tempted to buy it.

When looking at the Manufacturers I have a few wishes.

HTC should make an effort to build a Nexus phone people will love it, the One S was a great phone but offering the sleeker black version only in select markets was a stupid idea, the gradient version with the blue highlights was simply ugly. And finally get your act together and build a product line that makes sense. Flooding the market with the One X, S, V, X+ VX, SV Desire C, V and X doesn’t make it easier for customers. HTC build less but better devices please.

Sony should build on the Xperia T it was one of the phones that took me by surprise, it is one of the best engineered phones I have held in 2012 it just feels incredibly solid, please continue to build such amazing phones. I am really looking forward to the Xperia Z and what it delivers.

Samsung should finally stop building plastic crap. I just can not take a phone seriously if it feels cheap and I have yet to hold a Samsung phone that feels like a premium product. And please don’t make the Galaxy S 4 bigger than the S3 it’s starting to get ridiculous.  If this trend continues we will all be carrying 10 inch tablets as phones in a few years.

LG should continue to build on the Nexus 4 platform and offer more pure Android devices, their custom skin on Android is not worth its money but LG builds solid phones, I am still using my Optimus One when exercising it feels indestructible

Motorola oh how the mighty fell. You once built great phones like the StarTac and the Razr. You came back with the tank like original Droid and tried to revive the Razr brand. I wish that you continue to build great phones and with the help of Google I am hopeful that it is time for a comeback. Do something innovative.

Nokia, poor Nokia, what can I say, why did you have to choose Windows. I pray that someone in your management finally realizes that you could build the same great phones that you build for Microsoft slap vanilla Android on them and people would buy them like Hotcakes.

RIM congratulations on finally releasing Blackberry 10 it only took you way to long, your market and especially mind-share is gone now and you probably built a solid operating system but it will ultimately fail because of a lack of apps for it. Sure you will have the one or other big enterprise or governmental contract but if you don’t jump on the Android bandwagon your time is up.

Well, so much for my outlook into 2013 I am curious how the landscape looks in 2014, I sure will be revisiting this post before CES next year.

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