Android Restaurants and Movies Apps

The beginning of July I wrote a post about my favorite Sports and Fitness Apps for Android this time around I want to highlight a few of my favorite apps to find restaurant listings and reviews as well as some apps to find out about the greatest and latest movies. Hope you find the apps useful and if you know anything that is worth adding please do comment on this post as one can never have enough great apps.


I love going to restaurants and checking out new places, especially if I am on vacation or just simply in a new city and am looking for a good place to grab a bite. This is a collection of apps that I have installed to help me find the cream of the crop in restaurants wherever I go.

TripAdvisor by TripAdvisor Rating 4.4

The TripAdvisor Website is one of the first places I go when I am planning a trip. Finding hotel reviews and good suggestions where to stay and what to avoid. The app supports the same great hotel reviews and restaurant reviews that the website offers. While I tend to use the website for hotels, I use the app a lot more for restaurants, especially to see the list of top restaurants in a city. And that feature is actually what makes this app a keeper, it allows you to keep an eye on your favorite restaurants in the city and you can see how they match up to the rest./div>

Urbanspoon by Urbanspoon Team Rating 4.1

Ahh the good Urbanspoon with it’s slot machine restaurant suggestions always a good choice for the undecided. It’s probably the most fun feature of this app but the novelty wears off quite quickly, never the less if you can’t decide where to go it’s at least worth a look. Besides that the app allows you to search for restaurants and check out the ratings and reviews see which restaurants are close by and a few more things. While I never used the Urbanspoon website before once I had the app I always check the Urbanspoon rating and the latest reviews before I go to a restaurant now.

Google Places (Maps) by Google Inc. Rating 4.5

Google Places comes as part of Google Maps and is one of the most valuable resources for Business and Restaurant information including hours, phone number and address and of course reviews, since it is so tightly integrated you will probably just happen to use it. While it is part of the Google Maps app there is an extra icon that brings you to the places landing page from which you can search quickly.

OpenTable by OpenTable Rating 4.2

Once you have found the place you would like to eat at fire up OpenTable and check if there are still some open tables, pick the size of your party and the time and reserve a table on the spot from the app. Of course not all restaurants are available in open table, but especially those that need a reservation might be easy to find. And the good thing is no waiting on the phone for a someone to pick up and then trying to spell your name. In just a few clicks you have booked a table.

Tip Calculator by TradeFields Rating 4.4

Once you have dined and enjoyed your meal it is time to pay the bill. Maybe you aren’t as fast calculating the tip in your head as you would like to be or you need to split the bill. For all those cases Tip Calculator is a great tool, it’s quick and easy to use, allows you to round the total or round the tip or calculate the % exactly. So give it a shot the next time you need to calculate the tip.


I guess the next thing after going to a nice supper is heading out to watch a movie. For this I only have two apps that fulfill all my needs but I am looking for more so if you know a good free app that’s worth putting on your phone let me know in the comments.

IMDb Movies & TV by IMDb Rating 4.4

Who doesn’t know the IMDb the Internet Movie Database for me it has become the de facto standard when I want to know anything about a movie, show, actor, director or anything else related to things on my TV. Ever played six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well now you got the edge, except of course your friends have the app too. The Android App brings all this goodness to your smartphone, with great search, tons of photos and awesome trailer support, so that you can plan your next movie night appropriately. On top of these more obvious features the app integrates with the search on your phone if you set it up. So you can just hit the search button and have all the information of IMDb at your fingertips.

Movies by Flixster Inc. Rating 4.5

Rainy evening and not wanting to hang out at home? Why not check what’s playing at the local movie theatre. You could look in the newspaper or on the website of each individual movie theatre or you could just use the Flixter app. Fitingly simply called Movies this app gives you all the information you need to decide if it is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 or Transformers: Dark of the Moon you get both the Flixter User reviews and the Rotten Tomatoes critics reviews, that help you decide which movie to watch. Once you have picked your movie you can check the show times and in some theatres even buy your tickets right from the app. A must have for anyone that likes movies and who doesn’t.