Working on the Calendar App

Well tonight gave me a lot of insights. My Idea of modifying the Calendar App proves to be a good one, not so much because I am making huge progress on the actual app but because by trying to figure out the App I learn a heck of a lot about Android.

ONe resource that helped me getting started was this discussion on the Android-platform group

So first I learned today about the Application Fundamentals in Android. It’s a great place to start to get a general overview on how everything works. On top of that reading the Activity Class documentation hes shown to be helpful.

In my quest to get the code to work I originally just stubbed out the 3rd party classes not directly available in the Calendar app but I didn’t get beyond the first method since the GoogleLoginServiceHelper was giving me trouble. One has to understand that this Class is not part of the SDK. But you can get a Framework.jar that contains this code. Download it here from platform/frameworks/opt/ in the Android source repository. You only get the binary but that is enough to get you going. After having spent a few hours on I have now moved on to

Since I am only developing in the Emulator I had to twiddle with the Resource packages a little which is biting me now since I am referencing from the wrong place. While debugging that I am reading the Documents Resources and Internationalization and Available Resource Types. After those I will also look into the API doc of Resources

Well I also found a few errors in the description on how to use Resources in Code hope those will get fixed in the documentation. All in all a very successful night.

2 thoughts on “Working on the Calendar App

  1. Have you made any progress with this?

    I am just starting on figuring it out. I commented out the Calendar Provider references but still get

    “The import cannot be resolved”

    Do you know how to fix that?

  2. Hi Tim, I have put the Calendar Work on hold for a while but I am getting a Nexus One in May and will resume work on the Calendar then.

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