The Calendar Thing

Since I had been using a Palm PDA for ages I really need good PIM Applications on a smartphone of my choice. The iPhone has really disappointed me and I think their Calendar app especially is nothing compared to the old Palm Calendar app which was much more useable in my eyes.

So I am thinking of using Android as my smartphone of choice and so I need a good Calendar on it and I wouldn’t mind customizing it to suite my needs. And so I set out on a quest, exploring the current possibilities of Android and it’s calendar and todo features to find out much to my suprise that they don’t exist.

Yes there are no standard APIs for Tasks and Calendar, of course the devices come with a Calendar but that isn’t standardized yet. Which really sucks if you ask me. So I started a few threads on the android-platform group.

Oh and I filed a bug report Issue 3935: Standardised API for Calendar and Tasks ContentProviders

It’s nice that the Developer of Astrid already signaled that it is a good idea to do something like that. So I am confident that we will get to a point were we will have something cool.

My main goal is to leverage the work that has been done in the AOSP and just pull it out of the depth of the OS into a more high level component.

Anyway that should be it for tonight, I will write and update posts when I feel like it.