Well I don’t really expect that anyone is going to read this, since it is more or less a developer diary. If you stumbled over this humble little blog I want to invite you to share your thoughts with me, challenge my posts help me out when I am stuck or just leave a message saying hi.

So what is this blog about well I am just getting deep into Android. Cyanogen just got his C&D and the whole Android Open Source community is hyper active at the moment. I am logged in to #android on freenode and listening to the discussions flow by.

Cyanogen and JQB are bouncing ideas off of each other on how they can make a truly open source Android work, since the current AOSP is not usable as a smartphone OS since major parts are missing. It’s interesting to listen to them even though most of it is beyond my horizon still.

Anyway that should be enough for this post.